Children at Trinity

Children are encouraged to be regularly involved in the Divine Service. It was especially the children that sang Jesus’ praise on Palm Sunday, greeted Christ from the womb, were blessed by His miracles and their parent’s prayers, and are examples of faith. We encourage their participation and discourage their removal from the service.  


We have a nursery and a changing room which we recognize are sometimes necessary to help a tired or upset child but encourage parents and grandparents to use them sparingly instead teaching them to fold their hands, to listen to God’s Word, to sing, to pray, and to recognize that wonderful things are happening in the house of God.

Sunday School
At 10:30 each Sunday morning we have opening. It consists of all the congregation gathering together with a particular focus on the children. It begins with a familiar bible passage that the children later work on in Sunday school and their homes. Following prayer, they are dismissed to their various classes depending on their age and ability. 


Children’s Choir

During the school year students ranging from as young as first to as old as eighth grade meet weekly for children’s choir and children’s bells. They learn the basics of singing. Throughout the church year, you can hear them singing and ringing the Psalmody, the hymns of the day, various parts of the liturgy including the graduals and alleluias of the Church year. They especially have a place in bringing the joy of their voices forward on feast days.

VBS – Vacation Bible School

is hosted every year toward the end of June either the second to last or last full week of the month. While the children have great fun the purpose of the week is to deepen all who participate in understanding the Holy Scriptures. Each year has a theme that is aimed at helping the children grow in faith and love. Topics through the years have included studying the biblical kingdoms of Egypt, Babylon, Israel, and Assyria. The children have also studied Rome and it’s relation to the life of Christ and the book of Acts. One year we studied the first and second missionary journeys of St. Paul. The next year we studied his third missionary journey and his imprisonment. 


In 2019 we studied the creation of the world with help from various scientists within the congregation. We heard from Christian geologists, engineers, doctors, men who worked in the air force and on the lunar landing, woman who specialize in child development within and outside of the womb all in relation to the seven days of creation. Each year has a musical component seeing the connection of whatever is being studied to the psalmody and the hymnody of the Church as the children with the Kantor sing and play the bells. Of course, kickball and various art projects are a highlight. When appropriate various field trips have also enhanced the week including a trip to Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science to visit the Egyptian exhibit. 


Youth Group

Trinity’s high school students have participated in many Higher Things conferences. They have also attended the Wyoming Youth Breakout weekend’s in Laramie Wyoming at the Lutheran campus center. They have also participated in different Denver Area Youth outings and done various things together within the congregation and the community. Most years they have some roll in the Easter breakfast and sponsor other meals within the life of the congregation. Many of the students also participate by helping with the church grounds in the summer, acolyting, ushering, singing in the choir or playing bells, and service on the altar guild.